Friday 24 May 2013

What a find!!

Look at what we found.
We were having a quick tidy up and we found a whole bolt of this fantastic fabric...Winterthur Cadet Paisly.  We thought we had completely sold out of this fabric because it is such a great fabric for fussy cutting, and lo & behold, a whole bolt rediscovered.
With this fabric we can all fussy cut up a storm, and handy is this fabric..a great find indeed.

We are surprised we can concentrate on our work at all, we miss Sammy so much.  His chair is empty for another couple of weeks so there is no one to cuddle and pat...and the poor customers, well they only have us to chat to.

Resort chairs..very comfortable

Drinks on the terrace

This week we received some holiday snaps and a postcard to share with you, so we are all happy knowing Sammy is having a great holiday.
Sitting by the fire with my friends

It will be a great holiday for us too if Zanny keeps up this magnificent effort, just one of the million reasons we love working with Zanny.

Have a great weekend everyone..happy sewing.

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