Thursday 16 June 2016

Some Cheddars, Shirtings, Orchids, Applique, and very dirty dog!

The last 2 weeks have come and gone in a flash and we have lots to show you today.  New to our shelves is The Sampler II  1870-1890 by Julie Hendrickson for Windham Fabrics.  This second part to Julie's beautiful reproduction collection is all Cheddar and Black, but we chose just the handy Cheddars and the gorgeous shirtings from the range this time.  The prints are all small and finely depicted in black or off-white and are all perfect stash builders. 

#1 The Sampler II $23.50m

#2 The Sampler II $23.50m

#3 The Sampler II $23.50m
Wild Orchid is the newest offering from The Blackbird Designs girls.  It's a big range of 34 fabrics with 7 prints in a mix of orchid pink, lilac, coffee, buttercup, clotted cream, and black.   These are so gorgeous and we love the different combination of colours.

#4 Wild Orchid ~  Fat Eighth pack

#5 Wild Orchid $25.50m

#6 Wild Orchid $25.50m

#7  Wild Orchid $25.50m

#8  Wild Orchid $25.50m

#9  Wild Orchid $25.50m
Our Applique Group met again last month marking it's ninth year anniversary! The girls travelled from far and wide in the cold weather for another great day and to hear one of our members, Fran Batrouney, talk about her collection of Indian textiles. It was such a treat to hear her stories and see these amazing textiles up close.  Of course, we enjoyed another terrific show and tell too.

Kerry's Tribute to Mrs Williams ~ hand quilted and ready for the bed~

Rose's round robin quilt from years ago quilted and full of memories

Jacqui's fabulous challenge quilt made for AQC

Jude's gorgeous work inspired by the Fredericka Williams quilt

Winter has brought plenty of rain to Castlemaine this year and with rain comes the mud, and with the mud comes muddy fur!!  When Sam appeared at the back door last week after an afternoon in the garden he was adamant he was NOT trying to dig under the fence to get to the neighbour's guinea pig, no, definitely not trying to get the pesky guinea pig! Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you are doing!

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  1. I am laughing hysterically seeing Sammy's picture :))) What a naughty boy trying to get the neighbor's guinea pig! He is just too darn funny and such a delightful little fellow!!!! (I hope he doesn't mind baths.)
    P.S. As always, I thoroughly love your fabrics and they are shown off wonderfully on your blog. So many beautiful fabrics.....sigh.....!!