Friday 26 February 2016

A Brand new look . . . for a brand new year!

      As we head in to our 25th year here at Threadbear, we decided we could do with a new look!  So after days of lugging furniture around ~ hoisting fabric from shelf to shelf to shelf, we LOVE our new look.  We can't quite believe that by just taking down a door, moving two small bits of furniture out and relegating the rolls of wadding to the back room ~ we have created an enormous amount of floor space.  This will come in handy when we have extra special visitors during our applique exhibition, March 12th & 13th and we hope you are coming.  So now we are all set to leap into our next 25 years in business!!    
Civil War Bride & Antique Applique Sampler
moving on to the bits & pieces cupboard

Zanny's hard at work filling orders with quilts ~ Netherfield Park & Caswell  in the background
Mary Stubbs hangs in the corner where the most furniture was moved!
Moving into the next room Miss Matty's Parlour hangs amidst the shirtings & purples.
Just opposite we have Hertfordshire & Eliza's Irish Medallion gracing the staircase
another step down in to the next room with English Baskets & Belton Grange on the ladder
into the big front room with gorgeous blues and greens and many background prints
Celebrating Mary Brown has pride of place behind the front counter.
stepping through to the smallest room ~ Worthing Downs hangs behind the books
Megan & Zan consult over an order with Arden & Miss Dashwood's Dowry at the entrance.
And while Sam is definitely on the improve, he's still partial to a snooze snuggled with his favourite quilt.  He say's a big Thank You for all the good wishes that have come his way.
Sick?   Perhaps it's mid-life crisis!


  1. I hope Sammy gets back to his normal self soon. I love the way Civil Bride is displayed. The whole shop looks great. Wish I lived close to pop by. Thank you for sharing. Janet USA

  2. Wow, that's an enormous stash of fabric you've got there.

  3. The shop is stunning! I love all of that gorgeous, lovely fabric (now if I only lived in Australia, I would be first in line to snap some up!!)
    Sammy looks so sweet wrapped up in his quilt! I'm sending him lots and lots of get-well wishes!!

  4. What a wonderful display of quilts and fabrics, it looks beautiful, would love to visit in person one day.