Thursday 8 October 2015

More Mary Brown . . . and new fabrics abound

This week Spring has morphed into Summer literally overnight with high temperatures, big winds and scary bush fires.  Here's hoping Spring returns so we relax again and return to our stitching with everyone safe.   

To keep our spirits up we have a new collection called 'Kindred Spirits' by Jill Shaulis of Yellow Creek Designs.  Here we have twenty five fabrics in rich colours with interesting prints of stripes, herringbone, stars and more . . .
Kindred Spirits . .  $23.50 per metre
Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits

To lighten things up we also have a yummy new shirting range from Jo Morton called 'Mill Run Shirtings'.  You can never have enough shirtings for your reproduction stash so have a look at these . . .
Mill Run Shirtings by Jo Morton . . . $22.00 per metre

And yet another block from 'Celebrating Mary Brown' ~ the fifth in this series of favourite blocks.  If you can't wait for the complete pattern release early next year this one may tempt you ~ it's the 'Squirrel Block' with more gorgeous birds and berries.
'Celebrating Mary Brown' . . . Squirrel block

It looks like Sam was a little worried by the threatening weather earlier this week as he collected his favourite toys and stashed them near his food bowl.  All his treasures in one place ~ just what we need to do in preparation for the fire season.  
Let's see . . . my bowl, my bunny, my bone, my frisbee ~ where's my chook?

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  1. I like your idea of sepperating colours according to leafs, stems etc. This way you don't have to buy fabrics you don't want/or need. Thank you Birgitt from Germany