Thursday 3 September 2015

A Stroll through Threadbear . . .

Have you visited Threadbear recently?  Well if you are too far away to come in person ~ this is for you!  But first here are a couple of things of interest ~ 

Gayle has been for a visit bringing us a selection of her very gorgeous handmade cards ~  here are a few of my favourites.
Handmade Cards $11.50 each

My stash can never have enough checks so, of course, these have found a spot on our shelves {as well as at home!}.  
Gathering Basket ~ $25.00 per metre

Our Scrapbags are very popular with many.  Some especially like the ones that are full of selvedges ~  here's just one idea of what can be done with them.
Scrapbags ~ $10.00  approx. 1 metre each - Thanks Rose!

Now for a wander through Threadbear . . .
Through the front door . . .
into the back room . . .
the 'busy lights' under the staircase
more goodies in the middle room . . .
through to the front counter
And out to the Garden . . .
lovely Hellebores
can never have too many daffodils & jonquils
More Mountmellick Show & Tell ~ always most welcome!
thanks, Denyse.
we never get tired of seeing this one ~ thanks, Sonia
Sam likes my sewing room but, to tell the truth, he's not much company some days!


  1. Thank you for showing the shop on your blog. I do hope I get to visit in person one day, it's a dream destination!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your shop! I live in the US so it's doubtful that I will ever make it to your neck of the woods so I really appreciate your pictures! I'd love to see Sammie in person too!!!

  3. I visited the shop recently [what a rush, getting off the plane, collecting a rental car and getting to Threadbear before 5pm }for my third visit, and met Sam in person. What a lovely shop, full of such beautiful fabrics, this has to be my favourite quilt shop, but I was very restrained only buying applique needles, ever mindful of the cost of excess luggage flying home to NZ.