Friday 14 August 2015

Gerry's in the house (Cloverdale House that is...!)

How excited we were to see the deliveryman through the door on Tuesday with our first shipment of Cloverdale House ~ Di Ford Hall's first fabric range with Andover.  It was all hands on deck for 2 days solid filing all the pre-orders.  We still have plenty left for our shelves too, so check out the complete range here.

Last Saturday we had a great day with the Threadbear's Applique Group.  There was a brilliant vibe in the room with ladies from far and wide including people who have been coming for 8 years, and others for whom this was their very first meeting!  Everyone really enjoyed our guest speaker, Katrina Hadjmichael.  Katrina was here to meet the girls and show us her fabulous quilts, and then to teach a class for Threadbear on Sunday.  She was a very entertaining and inspiring speaker and we were so thrilled to have her at Threadbear. 
Katrina Hadjmichael's Pemberley

... and Lambton
As always there was lots of show and tell from the girls... here's just a smattering.
Dianne's Oh Dear Mrs Thompkins - but she can't find one of the borders that she knows she's made.  "I've put it down somewhere"!

Glenys' Morrell Quilt - we especially love the camel and the elephant!

Da Da !  Jenni brought along Ann's Legacy

Jo's stunning design won her first place at the recent Vic Quilters Showcase

Kim's gorgeous quilt for her very first applique group meeting.  
Thanks again to these girls and all the others who shared their work with the Group. So as another busy week at the shop draws to a close we are all looking forward to some time to sew at home. Have a great weekend everyone!
I know....pretty cute aren't I ?

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