Thursday 4 June 2015

Welcoming old friends....

 Newly arrived at Threadbear this week are Jo's Best Friends ~ 44 old favourites from Jo Morton's best ranges over the years.  These are all great reproduction "basics" to compliment your reproduction stash.  We love the colours and the prints ~ some you may already have, some you may want again, or didn't get the first time round. Choose from light shirtings, creamy beige and tan, gold/mustard, medium and dark blues, yellow greens, rich reds and gorgeous blacks.
Gorgeous yellow greens
Golds/mustards and blues

Rich reds and interesting blacks

And look how beautifully Jo's Best Friends compliment the Palampore

 We've had lots of interstate visitors over the last few weeks, and they all seem surprised at how much fabric Threadbear has to choose from.  So for those of you who are too far away to visit us often, here's a couple of photos of the shop taken this morning which looked so warm and inviting on this cold frosty morning. 

Meanwhile, Sam is keeping busy on holiday camp, with a busy schedule of waking up, eating playing, sleeping, walks, playing, sleeping, stretching, sleeping, socializing, sleeping...

It's a such a busy life, he was even dozing off sitting up. Have a great week everyone.

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  1. What is Sammy's poodle friend's name? They both look like they are enjoying their holiday camp, though obviously quite tiring, judging by the amount of sleep he is needing!