Tuesday 21 January 2014

Aaaahhhhhh.....Cool Weather.

Hoorah...new fabric today.

 We are all such fans of Jo Morton so we love these prints from "Jo's Prairie Rose" range, beautiful colours and great medium to small prints.

 We also have 1/8s packs of these fabrics, with 12 fat 1/8s for $36.00.  These packs are always such a good way to have a little bit of all of these great fabrics, and very handy for stash enhancement.

Now just look at these three sensational prints from Barbara Brackman's "Modernism" range....can you imagine how useful these prints will be...stems,leaves, flowers, gorgeous little bird wings and tails...and all sorts of other things.....very useful fabrics indeed.

Well, thank goodness it is cooler here this week...perfect weather for Sammy, who couldn't even stay still long enough for a proper photo today, we had to catch him on the run....he is way to busy, there is lizard hunting to do.

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