Tuesday 10 December 2013

Gorgeous Fabric

Look everyone...we have more lovely fabric to look at today...this new range was delivered last Friday and we fell in love with it the minute it came out of the box.

"Vin du Jour" from Moda is another large range.  We have 38 prints in total, full of beautiful Moda colours, ranging from soft purples and equally soft wines...muted creams and gorgeous buttery yellows....all such great useable prints, and including lots of totally gorgeous blenders.

 "Vin de Jour also includes the fabulous signature print we showed you on Friday...very Frenchy indeed.

Huge thanks this week goes to Marianne for bringing her beautiful hexagon quilt to the shop for us all to see...Marrianne, this is such a pretty quilt...it is absolutely gorgeous, and what this photo doesn't show is all of Marianne's neat, tidy, perfect stitches...it is a delight to look at.

Sammy had a fantastic weekend because he got to catch up with all his CAG friends and he got so many pats and cuddles.
You can tell by the look of dismay on Sammy's face that there were no dog treats in the gifts we wrapped last week...but he has written his letter to Santa.

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