Monday 11 February 2013

Another great Applique Group day...

We had our first Castlemaine Applique Group meeting on Saturday ~ another great day with lots of chatting and sewing.

 Rosalee Clarke of Jane Austen Quilt fame was our guest speaker and showed us many of her gorgeous quilts~ here are just a few.
Rosalee's faithful reproduction of the Jane Austen Quilt.

The centre fabric is an exact reproduction of the centre from Jane Austen's quilt.  A blog friend sent it to Rose, inspiring her to make this mini version.

another beauty, Rose used the Dutch Chintz Tree of Life panel in the centre

more reproduction fabrics and a gorgeous border print!
Fun in the shop as well as at the gathering.


  1. Great to see you have a blog so I have popped in to have a look. Two of my besties and I have decided to meet once a month in a park in Brisbane and work solely on our Reproduction Quilts which are of course needleturn applique. We are hoping that we may attract curious onlookers who are keen on hand applique just like we are. Seeing your Castlemaine Applique gathering has prompted me to share the above, so wish us luck in expanding our band of 3. Kind regards :-)

  2. Maureen,so excited to hear that you are starting your own appliqué will surely give you and your friends so many hours of pleasure..there is great happiness when friends get together to sew..let us know how you go,and don't forget to visit us if you are ever in Victoria.